About YaFei

Yangzhou Yafei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a focus on stainless steel mesh belt R&D, production manufacturers, more than 80 employees, R&D engineers and technical personnel 30 people, the company has self-import and export rights.

Production of net belt special CNC equipment more than 80 sets, net belt annual capacity of 300,000 square meters, annual sales of $15 million.

Can produce the highest temperature resistance 1250 degrees, mesh belt is widely used in powder metallurgy products sintering furnace, heat treatment furnace, brazing furnace conveying, cleaning drying conveying line.

Company with perfect quality management system and rapid response advantage, Yafei machinery has developed into an important international network belt, chain network production enterprises. In the field of mesh belt furnace, tunnel furnace, kiln and conveyor line, the company mainly caters to the middle and high-end market. It has entered the supply system of several well-known global enterprises, and has established long-term stable business cooperation with well-known international enterprises such as Hitachi Limited, SD Group, Halla, BYD, Midea, Porite, Makita and so on.

After years of accumulation, our products have gradually expanded to air conditioning, automobile parts, household appliances, military and other application fields. We have developed various kinds of conveyor belt products for Medea, Galanz, SAIC, FAW, GEELY and other enterprises. The company steadily exports to Brazil, the United States, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany and other European and American countries and India, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and other Asian countries.